Tension[s] 2020 Artist

The artists in Tension[s] 2020 are all engaged in practices of enquiry that breathe life into the curatorial threads that Curator Vic McEwan originally offered them. They have responded by generating a body of work that is as diverse in technique as it is in conceptual underpinnings. From their dispersed homes in regional, urban, remote and desert locations across Australia, they each offer their own unique perspectives that celebrate the multiplicity of existence as much as they celebrate Australian textiles practice.

Tension(s): 2020 Artists and Arts Organisations

  • Soraya Abidin  NSW
  • Gillian Bencke NSW
  • Julie Briggs and Kelly Leonard NSW 
  • Armando Chant  NSW
  • Georgia Chapman  VIC
  • Linda Erceg TAS 
  • Anne Ferran VIC
  • Dianne Firth ACT
  • Sai-Wai Foo VIC
  • Tina Fox NSW
  • Erica Gray QLD
  • Garth Knight NSW
  • Elisa Markes-Young WA
  • Julie Montgarrett NSW
  • Deborah Prior SA
  • Margarita Sampson NSW
  • Mark Smith
  • Del Stewart
  • Jane Théau NSW
  • Tjanpi Desert Weavers WA, NT
  • Yinarr Maramali NSW

Tamworth Regional Gallery has been informed that an artist whose work was featured in the Tension(s) 2020 exhibition, has been arrested by NSW Police.  
We are following the matter closely, and this morning we have decided that given the gravity of the alleged offences their artwork will not be displayed until further notice.