Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Award 2020

An Australian Design Centre ADC On Tour exhibition.

Brenda Livermore, Arise, 2020, Photo: Merlin Blu

Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Award 2020

Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Award 2020 is an ADC On Tour, biennial exhibition, produced and presented by Australian Design Centre in partnership with the Seed Stitch Collective.

This year the competition attracted 49 entries from NSW textile artists and the exhibition features outstanding work by the 25 finalists. A broad selection of contemporary textiles engages material use from waste to silk, with themes ranging from artificial intelligence, to the environment and the current pandemic.


Ali Noble | Alison Giles | Amy Jones | Barbara Rogers | Brenda Livermore |  Catherine Farry | Chris Hutch | Christina Newberry | Christine Wiltshier | Denise Lithgow | Elizabeth West | Gabrielle Mordy | Irene Manion | Jane Theau | Kelcie Bryant-Duguid | Liz Williamson | Melinda Young | Nicole Robins | Regina Krawets | Sairi Yoshizawa | Sarah Edmondson | Sue Jo Wright | Susan Fell | Suzanne Davey | Tina Fox

The Seed Stitch Collective 2020 is Soraya Abidin and Niki McDonald. The collective originated in 2016 after the first SSCTA was hosted at the Warringah Creative Arts Space and was followed by the Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Awards 2018 at Australian Design Centre.

Award Winners

Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Award - $1000 sponsored by Skein Sisters

Brenda Livermore, Arise, 2020

Australian Design Centre Award - Object Space Gallery window exhibition

Sue Jo Wright, Sign of the Time – I Love you, & Sign of the Time – Family, 2018

Skein Sisters Yarn Innovation Award - $250 Gift voucher and $250 cash

Tina Fox, Electric Sheep, 2020

We Love your Work, Seed Stitch Collective Award - $300 support towards materials, workshop or exhibition costs

Kelcie Bryant-Duguid, Essential Worker, 2020




Tamworth Regional Gallery

466 Peel Street Tamworth

28 November 2020 - 07 February 2021