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Expressions of interest are now open for the 3rd Tamworth Textile Triennial to be held in October 2017.

The Tamworth Textile Triennial showcases the best of textile art from across the country, attracting the participation of artists from all states, wide audiences and critical review. Few events in Australia demonstrate such a strong tradition of promoting and sustaining the unique cultural heritage associated with both the
history and technology of textile practice.

Download Expression of Interest brochure above and Coversheet below
Closing date for applications is Monday 29 February 2016.
Download Expression of Interest Coversheet
3rd Tamworth Textile triennial
Group Exhange: 2nd Tamworth
Textile Triennial
Group Exchange presents the extraordinary work that has emerged from this enquiry. In questioning what collaboration can mean for their practice artists have engaged in a dynamic creative dialogue and have demonstrated to us how new work and meaning emerges from relationship and exchange.

In this Textile Triennial, collaboration has opened up many and varied interpretations of the theme.

Each artist has provided unique insights through their rich and diverse experience and introduced us to new original ways of viewing practice.

In a unique one off playful experiment in July 2013 all the artists were flown to Tamworth to meet each other at the start of the brief.

The experience has been a highlight for the artists and has contributed to an illuminating Group Exchange.

Developed and toured by Tamworth Regional Gallery

This exhibition has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts; its arts funding and advisory body.

This exhibition is further assisted by the Tamworth Regional Council, the NSW Government through Arts NSW.

Image above
Image above
Mandy Gunn Centro-Polis , 2014 recycled shopping bags and wrappings on cardboard construction, 225 h x 225 w x 12 d cm
Image Lou Farina.

image below
Erica Gray BioVat 2014
metallic synthetic fibre, poly fibre, cotton, PVC and polymer clay
210 h x 170 w x 20 d cm Image Lou Farina
Works acquired from
Group Exchange
Tamworth Textile Triennial

Penny Evans Stranded, 2014 cardboard, acrylic paint, raffia, cotton, paper 225 h x 180 w cm

Stranded is made up of 226 components representing the 226 years since the beginning
of colonization. Each piece is made of printed images featuring various diamond
designs sgrafittoed onto ceramic tiles. They are then attached to tags, which recall the shape of headstones, and stitched through a
sewing machine. The individual pieces signify
people. Some are children, some are old, and
others are in various stages of initiation, each
represented by different sections of designs
and sewn lines in various colours. All are representative
of the individual and collaborative relationships of family, clan and tribal groups
through skin, moiety and kinship. Eight strands
of string signify eight skins.

Make.Shift Concepts
Cloudscape, 2014
digital print silk organza.

Cloud-scape is a deceptively delicate architectural structure that expresses and
makes solid the ethereal, fragile presence of a cloud. Structure and image combine to create a hybrid, shifting surface, generating
a sensory experience. The work appears as a floating landscape, and its engagement with light and space provides a focus for
contemplation, dreaming and wonder.
The structure frames images of a land in the process of elemental change.

Image Above
Penny Evans Stranded (detail), 2014 cardboard, acrylic paint, raffia, cotton, paper 225 h x 180 w cm. Image Lou Farina

Image below
Make.Shift Concepts
Cloudscape (detail), 2014
digital print silk organza.
Image Lou Farina

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