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Public Art Policy

Tamworth Regional Council (TRC) recognises the importance of public art in building community identity and is seeking feedback on the draft public art policy and input from the region’s residents to develop a strategy for its public art program.

“Public Art” is art in any media planned with the intention of being staged in the physical public domain, usually outdoor and accessible to all.

Council is starting a two-stage six-month process which will establish the guidelines for how it will deliver the community’s vision of public art across the region. The first step is to seek feedback on the draft public art policy and then put together a public art strategy.

The draft Tamworth Regional Council Public Art Policy aims to ensure Council’s commitment to public art and can be download from the home page

Written submissions are invited from members of the public in relation to a proposed Public Art Policy and should be addressed to: The General Manager, Tamworth Regional Council, PO Box 555, Tamworth NSW 2340. Submissions will need to be received by 5pm Friday 18 September 2015. For further information please contact Bridget Guthrie (Director, Tamworth Regional Gallery and Powerstation Museum on 6767 5249)
Three women went to China
Drawing Workshop, The World in a Circle : Suzanne Archer

Friday 19 August 2016, 2pm - 5pm

This workshop will encourage participants to reflect on how travel can provide a rich source of new images from which to select ideas for the basis of
new and personal art making.
As well as considering the translation of images from
sketchbooks or personal photos the circular format will make the drawing experience exciting and
challenging and invite the participants to produce works that respond to the title The World in a Circle.
Exhibition Opening 20 August
Exhibtion Opening & Panel Discussion

Saturday 20 August at 2.30pm
Opening address by
Luise Guest

To be followed by a Panel discussion with the artists, chaired by
Luise Guest
Director of Education & Research,
White Rabbit Gallery, Chippendale NSW

RSVP Thursday 18 August 2016, ph 02 6767 5248

Tamworth Regional Gallery will conduct a series of three workshops in conjunction with
Three Women went to China
Three women went to China
Saturday 20 August 2016, 10am - 1pm
Workshop, Introduction to Fresco Sarah Tomasetti

This workshop will provide a window into Sarah Tomasetti’s working methods using her unique fresco plaster surface, and alternating painting and drawing techniques. Participants will have an opportunity to experiment with these materials and explore the way the surface quality can contribute to an artwork.
Sarah will discuss how to achieve similar effects using readily available products to create
surface interruption and texture. There will also be
discussion of how certain gestures and working processes create meaning and content within the work.

Saturday 24 September, 10am - 1pm
Workshop, Interpreting the Landscape Hanna Kay

Hanna Kay, Cline Series 1, (detail) 2015/16, mixed media on rice paper, 140 x 140cm.
Photograph: Leslie Wand.

This workshop is aimed at those who have mastered
a basic drawing/painting technique and who
would like to acquire ways to develop their skills.
We will be using photographic reference points
and respond to the environment they depict,
with particular emphasis on creating forceful
Using photographic references allows a distancing
from the subject matter which can be enhanced
by the imagination. The challenge will be not to
rely on copying the image before you, but rather
to experiment with light, the distribution of forms,
the assemblage of shapes, and to compose your
interpretation of the subject.

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Sarah Tomasetti, Gongga Shan, (detail) 2016, oil and graphite on fresco plaster, 110 x
103cm. Photography: Emma Byrne, Melbourne.

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