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The First Municipal Electric Street lighting in Australia Commenced in Tamworth, New South Wales on 9th November 1888
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The Tamworth Powerstation Museum was opened in 1988.

The Museum has special working displays including a generator that demonstrates the principle of Faraday’s first dynamo, and a working installation of the electric telegraph - the first practical use of electricity.

The Museum has several exhibition areas displaying early electrical appliances used for washing, cleaning, heating, cooking, cooling and entertainment.

The two restored John Fowler under-type semi-portable steam engines at the Museum are the only two of their kind to be found in the world.

The first lamps were Vacuum Carbon

In 1907 Electric lighting was made available to homes and shops, supplied during the day from a battery charged overnight when the dynamos were run for the street lights.
Tamworth was the first town in Australia to be lit by electricity, in 1888, just nine years after the invention of the incandescent electric light bulb, first by the Englishman Joseph Wilson Swan, who demonstrated his invention in December 1878, followed (independently) by the American Thomas Edison in October 1879. It was also one of the early centres to be connected to the telegraph, in 1861, just seven years after the first telegraph came into use in this country. The Tamworth Powerstation Museum was opened on 9th November, 1988, the centenary of the installation of electric lighting in Tamworth. It was the first Australian all-electric museum. The Museum is housed in Tamworth’s restored Municipal Electric Showroom building (built as the Tamworth Municipal Electricity Works in 1907) and a modern reconstruction of the original engine house for the Tamworth power station on its original site.

The "History and development of Electricity" is a unique feature of the Tamworth Powerstation Museum.
This includes a special pictorial display of the pioneers of electricity and their discoveries, leading to the modern electrical world we live in.
Image above on left 1878 Swan Lamp on right 1879 Edison Lamp
image below
Mounted sections of 1884 and 1892 Edison street tubes, recovered in Brisbane in 1992
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216 Peel Street Tamworth
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