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Stephen King: sculpture
10 May to 21 June 2014

Tamworth Regional Gallery is delighted to present an important survey exhibition, Stephen King: sculpture.

It represents nearly twenty years of work and includes a range of styles and approaches; from
the small and finely carved work to the larger scale work which exposes the chainsaw and chisel marks thus revealing the beauty of the material used.
The human element which has always been an important component in Kingís work is well represented, and clearly demonstrates his
mastery in this area.

The transition between the figurative and the abstract is revealed in the Tower series which culminate in the work Fallout that won him the major award in the 2013 Sculpture by the Sea.

This exhibition celebrates the contribution King has made to practice of sculpture in Australia.

Strong Women, Strong Painting, Strong Culture

28 June to 9 August 2014

Group Exchange
2nd Tamworth Textile Triennial

16 August to 18 October 2014

GROUP EXCHANGE 2nd Tamworth Textile Triennial opens at the Tamworth Regional Gallery on Friday night 15 August 2014, followed by artistís talks on Saturday and Sunday.
There are 22 creative textile artists who represent a cross section of demographics in Australia. The curator, Cecilia Heffer, focus for GROUP EXCHANGE is to promote excellence and diversity and to encourage artists working with textiles to explore ideas surrounding collaborative practice.
This exhibition provides intriguing insights into the state of textile art practice in Australia today. It is a sensory journey, revealing the tactility, diversity and adventurous nature of textile art.

The Antipodean Steampunk Show

26 October to 6 December 2014

Contemporary technology and Victorian styling collide in spectacular fashion at The Antipodean Steampunk Show.

If todayís technology had been introduced in the 19th century, what would the world look like?

The Antipodean Steampunk Show attempts to answer this question in a fascinating mash-up of past, future and fantasy.

back country India Flint

13 December 2014 to 31 January 2015

Flintís creative practice conflates the visual and written poetics of place and memory, using ecologically sustainable contact print processes from plants and found objects together with walking, drawing, assemblage, mending, stitch and text as a means of mapping country, recoding and recording responses to landscape.

Image Below
Stephen King Fallout Study 2011 Australian cedar/ironbark , 150 x 60 x 60 cm. Image of Artist

Mike Cashman Collection
7 May to 20 May 2014

Well known local Mike Cashman shares his passion for collecting and all things collectable, with an emphasis on Australiana.

Design Tech
23 May to 21 June 2014

DesignTECH is the annual showcase of major design projects by Higher School Certificate Design and Technology candidates from 2013. The course asks students to select and apply design, production and evaluation skills to satisfy an identified need or opportunity.

Hugh Oliveiro
28 June to 9 August 2014
A visual feast of creative diversity both in content and style, Oliveiroís extensive repertoire as an artist and designer gives us a collection of works to excite and intrigue. Eclectic pieces from the 70's to the present day include; a decorated harpsichord, an original marquette for the Victorian Arts Centre mural and more.

Image below
Daniel Stubbs Steam punk lamp, 2013, Glenwood High School Image Design Tech

Gallery I & Foyer Space
Forest Memories
Forest Memories
Maryke Henderson

Circles and Squares, Sybil Orr

Together We Can: Celebrating Cultural Diversity in our Community.

21 March - 3 May 2014

Forest Memories
Maryke Henderson

The surface and the ability to create a finish that speaks of layering and ageing has always fascinated Henderson.

In her exploration of soda glazing she has achieved surfaces that resemble lichens and weathered walls.

The unpredictable painting with fire on the clay over the controlled mark making and construction develops a dimension of tension between the organic and contrived, of nature and man.

Circles & Squares: mending & conserving
Sybil Orr

Sybil Orr uses stitch with recycled and manipulated textiles to create her works which reflect an ongoing interest in cultural, historic and ecological issues. Orr references basic geometry and recontextualised vintage patchwork in her arts practice. A traditional crazy quilt serves as a segue to these abstract conceptual works.

Together We can:
Celebrating Cultural Diversity in our Community

Showcasing our regionís rich cultural heritage through an exhibition of traditional costumes and cultural accessories borrowed from people within our region.

From the traditional owners of this land to those who have come from many countries around the world.

Images above and below
Gallery Views
Gallery 2
Out of the Ordinary
Out of the ordinary
Mandy Gunn

22 March to 3 May 2014

Mandy Gunn creates intriguing assemblages and installations that capture the imagination and curiosity of the viewer. One of the most compelling things about Gunnís creative practice is her ability to transform ordinary materials and detritus into elegant sculptural works that have the potential to spark the imagination of the viewer.

Image Above Mandy Gunn City Circle Series 2000 - 2003 Met tickets on cardboard. Image Many Gunn
Community Space
at Ray Walsh House
photographs by Ray Woods

Ray Woods has been in Plumbing since 1968, as a local business owner, his years have been spent perfecting his craft and teaching others ( something he is very passionate about).

In recent years Rayís enthusiasm for his career has extended to his photography. When Ray upgraded his camera to a Cannon 5D, nothing was sacred, everything became a target. In addition to finding inspiration in the local environment and the every day, Woods uses small toys and other props to create a surreal realities. He uses a range of filters and lenses to achieve his results without the use of Photoshop.

Many of Woodís images are surprising, captivating and at times poignant as they depict objects, views and moments that are often overlooked.
Image above Ray Woods Magooley 2013 digital image
Image below Gallery View Ray Walsh House

Ray Walsh House Community
Gallery Space
437 Peel Street
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Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5pm

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