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The Poetic Lens
Relative Construction

12 September - 28 November 2015

Blaide Lallemand, Caroline Huf, Ellis Hutch and Genevieve Swifte have been drawn together by common interests that span multifaceted practices. They explore extremes of sensory experience through the media of photography, performance, installation and sound to create immersive and poetic works of art.

Roy Jackson: Retrospective 1963-2013

5 December 2015 to30 January 2016

This exhibition spans fifty years of painting and drawing by Roy Jackson, one of the most distinctive abstract painters in Australia.

Image below Wendy Stokes, site coast (detail) 2014 183cm x183cm acrylic and oilstick on canvas. Image Wendy Stokes

'The Salon of Infectious Desire'
“O, Save me from the Nameless Dread"

Margarita Sampson
5 December 2015 - 30 January 2016

The 'Salon' sculptural & installation series explores an imaginary literary salon where interiors are over-run by growths suggestive of coral colonies, flowers, bark & fungus; the forms are abstracted, multiplied and non-specific.

Gallery I
The Nymphéas: in conversation
The Nymphéas: in conversation
Wendy Stokes

24 July to 5 September 2015

Through the reflective process of journey and return Stokes has maintained a sustained engagement with Claude Monet's Nymphéas suite, both as image and its terrain. Late in 2010 Stokes visited Paris and returned in 2014 as part of an Internationale des Arts Cite Residency which included extended access to Monet's garden in Giverny
The Nymphéas: immersive experience and hybrid zones within painting practice.

Image above
Wendy Stokes Conversation(detail), 2014, acrylic and oil stick on canvas, 183 x 183cm. Images Wendy Stokes
Gallery 2
New Work
Marilynne Barnes & Liz Priestley

29 August 2015 to 10 October 2015

Marilynne Barnes and Liz Priestley, although using different techniques and subject matter both are anchored in the style of the romantics. They both paint using a language of moods and emotions; Marilynne’s paintings convey the changing physicality and sexuality of the female form, and Liz’s outlining of a nostalgic landscape influenced by the likes of Turner and Constable, with a contemporary sensitivity.

Image Above
Liz Priestley Stormfront 11
Image Below
Community Space
at Ray Walsh House
Rubies & Pearl
work by Ruby Newall & Bryanna Pearl Taylor

until 28 August 2015

Images above & home page Ruby Newall & Bryanna Pearl Taylor

Ray Walsh House Community
Gallery Space
437 Peel Street
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