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community space
The Drawing Room
6 February - 19 March 2016

A Drawing Room - every house should have one. The drawing room can also be
re-considered as a studio, a space to draw in. The drawings selected for this exhibition refer to space and
the spatial aspects of the works.
Curated by Jelle van den Berg

Together We Can:
Celebrating Cultural Diversity in Our Community

6 February - 19 March 2016

Together We Can provides an opportunity to showcase the cultural diversity within our region, from the traditional custodians of this land to those who have come from many countries around the world.

Image below Helen Eager, Directions, (detail) conte on paper, 56 x 76 cm each x 6 panels. Image Utopia Gallery in Sydney.

Berlin and Back
Michelle Hungerford & Bettina Düesberg

Two Artists from opposite sides of the world, Bettina Düesberg (Berlin) and Michelle Hungerford (Tamworth) share their experience of Berlin and
their travels together. Their work shows commonalities and differences, affected by culture, language, landscape and experience.

Image below, Michelle Hungerford, Habitué, 2015, acrylic and
oil on canvas, 152 x 122cm. Image Lou Farina

Gallery I
Roy Jackson Retrospective
Curated by Sioux Garside and Terence Maloon, toured by the Drill Hall Gallery, ANU and the Roy Jackson Memorial Fund.

This exhibition spans fifty years of painting and drawing by one of Australia’s most distinctive
abstract painters, Roy Jackson. Roy Jackson was regarded as a “painter’s painter” - a rare talent whose work explored and challenged the possibilities of representation and abstraction.

Image above
Roy Jackson, Landform, (detail) 2005, acrylic on board, 61 x 91.5 cm. Mereenie loop, 1995/96 acrylic on canvas Collection of Margaret Bassendine.
Images Estate of Roy Jackson
Gallery 2
Margarita Sampson
Infectious Desires
This series is an imaginary literary salon, over-run by soft textile growths: chair forms warp and stagger, mutate and support colonies, a coral reef crawls over a broken love-seat. Competing colonies vie for space, crowd each other out, compromise, adjust.

In the Cut
This body of work explores the spaces that open up when we investigate beyond the surface of our everyday.

Images: above Margarita Sampson, Anemone Incursions: Bev & Eli, 2014, found chairs, cotton thread, dimensions variable. Image below Anemone Incursions: Kiss Kiss/ Florence 2013, found chairs, cotton thread, dimensions variable. Images John McRae
Community Space
at Ray Walsh House
Ray Walsh House
Tamworth Regional Community
Gallery Space
437 Peel Street
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